Nearly Spring

Yak Almost Spring 2015Photograph: Yakima River

A few bits of news:

1. My short-short story, “You’re Making It Sound Like Something It Isn’t” is now live on Tin House‘s Open Bar. Check it out here, and many thanks to editor Thomas Ross!

2. I have a few more of my weekly reviews up at the Ploughshares Blog. They’re all compiled here.

3. Signups are now open for spring quarter classes! I’m teaching another round of my Saturday Morning Fiction Workshop here in Ballard (at the Ballard Homestead) through the Richard Hugo House. Signups and info are here.


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How It Sounds


Pictured: Upper Yakima River w/ Pontoon boat

Couple of pieces of news:

1. Tin House just accepted one of my short stories, “You’re Making It Sound Like Something It’s Not,” for publication in their Flash Fridays section! I’ll let you know when it goes live.

2. I’ve written a few more of my weekly posts for the Ploughshares blog, and created a page to keep track of them all. Check it the “Reviews” section above.


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Stump in Lake


Pictured: Rattlesnake Lake

Couple bits of news!

1. I’m thrilled to have a story in the new print issue of Redivider, called “Fit to Scale.” Grateful to the editors!

2. My first few lit journal reviews for the Ploughshares blog are up. You can see them here, here, and here.

3. Yesterday I got an incredibly insightful editorial letter, along with annotations on my novel manuscript, The Hummingbirds, from my agent Reiko Davis. I’m gathering my wits and over the next few months will be tuning the novel up and getting it ready to (hopefully) sell. Wish me luck!



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