River Break / Cloud Break

River Break : Cloud Break

Pictured: Yakima River

Greetings! Once again, it has been too long since I’ve posted. But life, oh wondrous life, how it gets in the way of blog posts. Here’s the scoop.

1. Aaron Burch and Uzodinma Okehi are making a stop August 3rd at Naked City Brewing as part of their book tour, and they’ve invited Jessie Knoles and myself to read there with them. Once all the details coalesce into an invite, I’ll post a link.

2. Print issue #3 of Spartan is beginning to come together, and Miles and I are pretty excited about this one. We’ve locked in Anna Marie Farmer to help us with the artwork, and we’ve got tentative plans for a release party in September. More on that later, as well.

3. No novel news. Hopefully I’ll have a substantial update on The Hummingbirds by next month.

More soon, be well,

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Almost Spring

Ecola Storm

Pictured: Ecola State Park, OR

Greetings! It has been a couple of months. Here’s what’s going on.

1. I’m doing the last touchups on my novel and my agent is going start sending it to editors in mid-May. I’m really proud of it, so regardless of whether someone wants to publish it, I feel like it was a great experience and I learned an incredible amount in the process. That said, let’s hope it gets picked up!

2. Spartan has a new online issue coming out April 1st, and our third print annual coming out mid-summer, coinciding with a release party in the works. Lots to look forward to. A few of our contributors have been having big years! Jodi Paloni, Donna Miscolta, and Paul Luikart all have books coming out. Allegra Hyde won the Iowa Story Prize. Jensen Beach had stories in the New Yorker and Paris Review. I can say I knew them when!

3. In the long pauses between novel edits, I’ve been working on short stories. I have four right now out on submission to literary journals and magazines. Fingers crossed they get published!

That’s all for now. Best wishes.

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New Year

Mirror Lake in Autumn

Pictured: Mirror Lake in Autumn.

Seasons greetings and happy new year! I have a few updates for you.

  1. My novel is done and with my agent. Fingers crossed it’s ready to sell and won’t need any more work!
  2. I’ve been invited to spend another year discussing contemporary short stories at the Ploughshares blog! You can see the list of what I’ve done so far here.
  3. Spartan’s winter issue is now live! You can check it out here.


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