Shilshole Bay Marina

Pictured: Shilshole Bay Marina.

Whew! Life is busy. Finally getting some updates going.

1. I’ve finished revising my novel, which was difficult but rewarding. My agent gave me great feedback, and I took it and ran with it, and I think the novel is much, much stronger as a result. The next step might be further editing, or it might be ready to sell…I’ll post when I hear news from her. Fingers crossed!

2. I’ve got a few readings coming up, all with the Jack Straw fellows: tomorrow night at the Rendevous, August 28th at University Bookstore, and Nov. 7th at Seattle Public Library! Also, Spartan is hosting a Seattle Lit Crawl reading on Oct. 22nd. More on those later.

3. Last but not least, my Ploughshares column is going strong! Check out all 30+ of my reviews here.

Take care,

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Olives and Greens


Pictured: Yakima River

It’s been over a month! A lot has happened. Here’s an update.

1. I read a few short pieces for the Dock Street Press Salon at Phinney Books with Big Fiction editor Heather Jacobs. It was a great time. You can read a review of it here.

2. I did a couple of Jack Straw Fellowship readings, one at the Jack Straw Studios and one for the Folklife Festival at Seattle Center with a few other of the fellows. Both were great experiences.

3. My longtime writing group partner Jodi Paloni signed on to have her short story collection published with Press 53! I’m over the moon for her. It’ll come out next March and I’ll post the details.

Here’s some stuff happening now or soon.

1. The summer issue of Spartan is live! Five stories that Miles Wray and I are very proud of. You can read them here.

2. My Ploughshares column has been going strong; as of this Saturday, I’ll be at 26!

3. I’m once again headed to the Tin House Writers Workshop in a couple of weeks. I’m getting the chance to work with Jim Shepard. Here’s one of the reasons why I’m stoked about that.

4. My novel is so very close to being done. I’m finishing up my agent’s edits and will send the revisions to her by the end of the month at the very latest.

More soon!



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River Green

Yak River 2

Pictured: Yakima River

Some cool news over the last month! The new Jack Straw Anthology came out, which features my short story “Darling” alongside the work of a handful of talented Seattle poets and prose writers. Last Friday I read at the reading series, which was a blast–and was recorded live. They’ll release the recording as a podcast and/or possibly as part of a show on KUOW later on in the year. I’ll link to that stuff when it happens.

Also, a very short prose poem piece of mine called “First Rain” was just picked up by the literary journal Adroit. Their editor was kind enough to email me asking for work and I sent him the piece and they dug it. I’ll link to that as well when it goes live.


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